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all league of legends challenges and titles, and how to earn them

League of Legends released its achievement system, Challenges, earlier this month.  However, the challenges aren’t very well-organised and the system is rather complex. Titles that can be displayed under your name were also released, but it’s difficult to find out what challenges you need to accomplish in order to unlock them.

So, I’ve put together a list of all available League of Legends challenges.  As an exercise, I’ve organised them in a table that can be filtered according to more specific categories that show how they can be achieved.  I’ve also linked them to Riot’s categories, so you can easily find them in game.

In addition, the whole table of all challenges is searchable by text (or by a simple Ctrl/Cmd+F), which the League of Legends user interface does not provide.  And you can also sort and quickly find out how to get every available title in the game.


List of All League of Legends Challenges and How to Achieve Them

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LoL CategoryLoL GroupChallenge TitleTypeDescriptionPlayer TitleQuick Category
ExpertiseExpertiseAscendantCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Domination, Unrivaled, and Perfection groupsG.O.A.T.Capstone
ExpertiseExpertiseMightCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Flair, Behemoth, Slayer, and Predator groupsLegendCapstone
ExpertiseExpertiseMastermindCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Cornerstone, Visionary, and Precision groupsMastermindCapstone
ExpertiseAdeptAdeptCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Adept groupLethalCapstone
ExpertiseAdeptUnkillable Demon KingSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games without dyingUnkillable DemonWins
ExpertiseAdeptShoddy ConstructionSummoner’s Rift onlyGet a Takedown (kill or assist) on the first turret of the gameTakedowns
ExpertiseAdeptLethal EfficiencySummoner’s Rift onlyKill 80 lane minions within 10 minutesMinionLaning
ExpertiseAdeptDeath IncarnateSummoner’s Rift onlyGet 12 Takedowns ((kill or assist) on enemy champions by 15 minutesTakedowns
ExpertiseDominationDominationCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Domination groupDominantCapstone
ExpertiseDominationThe Brush Has EyesSummoner’s Rift onlyEnd the game with 20% more vision score than your role opponentVision
ExpertiseDominationOn Another LevelSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn a three or more level lead over your role opponent at any point in the gameRoles
ExpertiseDominationLane DominationSummoner’s Rift onlyEnd the laning phase (14 minutes) with 20% more gold and experience than your role opponentLaning
ExpertiseDominationLane CommandSummoner’s Rift onlyEnd the early laning phase (7 minutes) with 20% more gold and experience than your role opponentLaning
ExpertiseDominationFlame HorizonSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games where you were at least 100 CS ahead of your role opponent at any point in the gameSpitfireLaning
ExpertiseUnrivaledUnrivaledCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Unrivaled groupUnrivaledCapstone
ExpertiseUnrivaledDarkness DistributerSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown the most wards in the game (you must takedown at least one ward)ScoutVision
ExpertiseUnrivaledDamage DispenserSummoner’s Rift onlyDeal more than 700 Damage Per MinuteDamage
ExpertiseUnrivaledBouncerSummoner’s Rift onlyHave the highest Crowd Control Score in the gameCrowd Control
ExpertiseUnrivaledPain PrescriberSummoner’s Rift onlyDeal the most damage to champions in the gameDamage
ExpertiseUnrivaledMeat ShieldSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games where you took 35% of damage dealt to champions on your teamTanking
ExpertisePerfectionPerfectionCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Perfection groupPerfectCapstone
ExpertisePerfectionInvincibleSummoner’s Rift onlyWin a game without dying with different championsWins
ExpertisePerfectionImmortalSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games with eight or more kills without dyingWins
ExpertisePerfectionProdigySummoner’s Rift onlyBecome Legendary (eight kill streak) within 15 minutesProdigyTakedowns
ExpertisePerfectionDecimatorSummoner’s Rift onlyGet two pentakills in a single gameTakedowns
ExpertisePerfectionGoldenSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn more than 450 Gold Per MinuteGold
ExpertiseFlairFlairCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Flair groupShow-OffCapstone
ExpertiseFlairCan’t MissSummoner’s Rift onlyLand 20 skillshots (ranged untargeted abilities) before seven minutesAbilities
ExpertiseFlairTY for LeashSummoner’s Rift onlySteal an Epic jungle monster without using Summoner Smite. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.Jungle
ExpertiseFlairStacks on Stacks on StacksSummoner’s Rift onlyFully stack Mejai’s Soulstealer before 20 minutesItems
ExpertiseFlairOne StoneSummoner’s Rift onlyKill two players with the same ability castAbilities
ExpertiseBehemothBehemothCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Behemoth groupBehemothCapstone
ExpertiseBehemothGo Where You PleaseSummoner’s Rift onlyTake three or more immobilizing abilities in a single fight and surviveTanking
ExpertiseBehemothNot Even a ScratchSummoner’s Rift onlyTake 10000 pre-mitigation damage from champions in a single fight without dyingAbsolute UnitTanking
ExpertiseBehemothDamage SpongeSummoner’s Rift onlyGet kills while taking damage from all five enemy champions and surviveTakedowns
ExpertiseSlayerSlayerCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Slayer groupMaverickCapstone
ExpertiseSlayerNo QuarterSummoner’s Rift onlyKill enemy champions while they are near their own turretTakedowns
ExpertiseSlayerNever Tell Me the OddsSummoner’s Rift onlyGet kills while more enemy champions than friendly ones are nearbyLuckyTakedowns
ExpertiseSlayerSolo BoloSummoner’s Rift onlyGet solo kills (no assists from allied champions)Lone WolfTakedowns
ExpertiseSlayerBlink and You’ll Miss ItSummoner’s Rift onlyKill champions from full health within 1.5 seconds with mostly your damage (90% or more)Takedowns
ExpertisePredatorPredatorCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Predator groupPredatorCapstone
ExpertisePredatorDragon On Too LongSummoner’s Rift onlyAssist in taking the first dragon before 8 minutesJungle
ExpertisePredatorTarget SecuredSummoner’s Rift onlySecure Epic Monsters with the enemy jungler nearby. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.Jungle
ExpertisePredatorBuff BurglerSummoner’s Rift onlyTake buff jungle monsters from the enemy jungleJungle
ExpertisePredatorClean ClearsSummoner’s Rift onlyAs jungler, get 70 CS from jungle monsters before 10 minutesJungle
ExpertisePredatorThree BuffedSummoner’s Rift onlyAs jungler, take three of the first four buff campsJungle
ExpertisePredatorCrab WranglerSummoner’s Rift onlyAs jungler, take both of the initial two scuttle crab spawnsCrab WranglerJungle
ExpertisePredatorIt’s My Jungle NowSummoner’s Rift onlyAs jungler, at 10 minutes, take more of the opponent’s jungle than they haveJungle
ExpertisePredatorThe Most Dangerous GameSummoner’s Rift onlyGet kills on the enemy jungler in their own jungle before 10 minutesInvaderTakedowns
ExpertisePredatorEpic StealSummoner’s Rift onlySteal two Epic Monsters in one game. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.Jungle
ExpertiseCornerstoneCornerstoneSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn points from challenges in the Cornerstone groupCornerstoneCapstone
ExpertiseCornerstoneSuperior SupportingSummoner’s Rift onlyFinish your support quest at least 60 seconds faster than the enemy supportSupport
ExpertiseCornerstoneAll-SeeingSummoner’s Rift onlyHave over 2 vision score per minuteAll-SeeingVision
ExpertiseCornerstoneSupport SubsidySummoner’s Rift onlyFully complete a support item quest (1000g) in less than 18 minutesSupport
ExpertiseVisionaryVisionaryCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Visionary groupVisionaryCapstone
ExpertiseVisionaryWard WardenSummoner’s Rift onlyProtect wards by being nearby when an enemy damages it but it survivesWard WardenVision
ExpertiseVisionaryWard HunterSummoner’s Rift onlyDestroy 10 wards before 20 minutesVision
ExpertiseVisionaryIncredible ValueSummoner’s Rift onlyKill three or more Sight Wards with a single Sweeper activationVision
ExpertiseMagnum OpusMagnum OpusCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Magnum Opus groupTop TierCapstone
ExpertiseMagnum OpusKDA PlayerSummoner’s Rift onlyGet a KDA over 3 in Ranked Solo/Duo QueueKDA PlayerTakedowns
ExpertiseMagnum OpusLadder ClimberSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn rank in Ranked Solo/Duo Queue. You must finish provisionals.MasterfulRanking
ExpertiseMagnum OpusPerfectionistSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn an S+ grade on different championsS+Mastery
ExpertiseMagnum OpusSame Penta, Different ChampSummoner’s Rift onlyGet a Pentakill with different championsTakedowns
ExpertiseMagnum OpusTop PerformerSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn S- grade or higherMastery
ExpertiseMagnum OpusForever VictoriousSummoner’s Rift onlyEnd seasons ranked Gold or higherRanking
Teamwork & StrategyTeamworkDeterminationCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Monster Hunter, Steadfast, and Symbiosis groupsTenaciousCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyTeamworkCaptainCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Strategy, Demolition, Synergy, and Team Spirit groupsPlaymakerCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyTeamworkAllianceCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Clash, Synchronicity, Harmony, Globetrotter, and Macro groupsTeam PlayerCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterMonster HunterCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Monster Hunter groupBig Game HunterCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterCan of WurmsSummoner’s Rift onlyKill three Barons in a single gameJungle
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterSoul SweepSummoner’s Rift onlyClaim Dragon Souls without the enemy team taking a single dragonJungle
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterTwo Shells are Better Than OneSummoner’s Rift onlyYour team takes both Rift Heralds in a gameJungle
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterAlways on TimeSummoner’s Rift onlyKill Epic Monsters within 30 seconds of them spawning. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.EpicJungle
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterGets the WurmSummoner’s Rift onlyYour team takes Barons before 21 minutesEarly BirdJungle
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterDragon HuntSummoner’s Rift onlyYour team takes Elder Dragons before 28 minutesJungle
Teamwork & StrategyMonster HunterDraconic ExtinctionSummoner’s Rift onlyKill two Elder Dragons in a single gameJungle
Teamwork & StrategySteadfastSteadfastCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Steadfast groupCourageousCapstone
Teamwork & StrategySteadfastNo Loyalty Among DragonsSummoner’s Rift onlyTake Elder Dragons while your opponent has the Dragon SoulIncendiaryJungle
Teamwork & StrategySteadfastUninhibitedSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games after losing an inhibitorUninhibitedWins
Teamwork & StrategySteadfastOpen VictorySummoner’s Rift onlyWin games with an open nexusComeback KidWins
Teamwork & StrategySteadfastComeback KidsSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games after being down 15 killsWins
Teamwork & StrategySymbiosisSymbiosisCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Symbiosis groupExceptionalCapstone
Teamwork & StrategySymbiosisTeam DiffSummoner’s Rift onlyScore aces after minions spawn but before 15 minutesTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategySymbiosisFlawless VictorySummoner’s Rift onlyWin Perfect Games where the opposing team gets no kills, no dragons, no Rift Heralds or Barons, and destroys no turretsFlawlessWins
Teamwork & StrategySymbiosisUninhibitedSummoner’s Rift onlyDestroy all three enemy inhibitors in under 25 minutesLaning
Teamwork & StrategySymbiosisHappy FeetSummoner’s Rift onlyDance with the Rift Herald in the enemy base at the end of the gameJitterbugCosmetic
Teamwork & StrategySymbiosisLet’s Make This QuickSummoner’s Rift onlyDestroy the enemy nexus in less than 15 minutesWins
Teamwork & StrategyStrategyStrategyCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Strategy groupStrategistCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyStrategyBaron Power PlaySummoner’s Rift onlyGenerate a 2500 gold advantage during your Baron BuffLaning
Teamwork & StrategyStrategyLevel 1 FiestaSummoner’s Rift onlyGet takedowns on enemy champions before jungle camps spawn (1:30)Takedowns
Teamwork & StrategyStrategyOverwhelming PresenceSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a laner, get kills before 10 minutes outside of your lane (anyone but your lane opponent)Takedowns
Teamwork & StrategyStrategyFarm Champs not CampsSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a jungler, get kills on laners before 10 minutesChamp FarmerTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategyStrategyWhose Lane is it AnywaySummoner’s Rift onlyAs a laner, get a takedown in all three lanes within 10 minutesTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategyDemolitionDemolitionCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Demolition groupDemolisherCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyDemolitionShattered PlatesSummoner’s Rift onlyDestroy turrets before Turret Plates fallLumberjackLaning
Teamwork & StrategyDemolitionGo Shelly Go!Summoner’s Rift onlyTake 2 turrets with the same Rift HeraldLaning
Teamwork & StrategyDemolitionTen Minute TurretSummoner’s Rift onlyDestroy the first turret in under 10 minutesLaning
Teamwork & StrategySynergySynergyCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Synergy groupSynergizedCapstone
Teamwork & StrategySynergyBrush FanaticSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown champions after waiting in a brush with at least one ally for at least 3 secondsFanaticTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategySynergyTeam TakedownSummoner’s Rift onlyGet picks with at least one assisting ally. A pick is killing a single enemy without a return kill.Takedowns
Teamwork & StrategySynergyInsec-unity BreachSummoner’s Rift onlyKnockback enemies into your team, resulting in a takedownInsec-ticideTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategySynergyStun n GunSummoner’s Rift onlyImmobilize an enemy, then take them down with an allyTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategySynergyThat Was CloseSummoner’s Rift onlySave an ally who would have otherwise taken lethal damage with a heal or a shieldGuardian AngelSupport
Teamwork & StrategyTeam SpiritTeam SpiritCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Team Spirit groupSpiritedCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyTeam SpiritMaking the Dream WorkSummoner’s Rift onlyGet a takedown where your entire team participates (gets the kill or an assist)Takedowns
Teamwork & StrategyTeam SpiritFlawless AceSummoner’s Rift onlyAce the enemy team with no allied deathsTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategyTeam SpiritFashionably LateSummoner’s Rift onlyGet takedowns after teleporting into a fight involving 4 or more championsTakedowns
Teamwork & StrategyClashClashCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Clash groupClash MasterClash
Teamwork & StrategyClashClash ContendersSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games in ClashClasherClash
Teamwork & StrategyClashClash ChampionSummoner’s Rift onlyWin Clash bracketsClash
Teamwork & StrategyClashCoordinated ClashSummoner’s Rift onlyHave Clash logos owned by the entire teamClash
Teamwork & StrategyClashDream TeamSummoner’s Rift onlyPlay with the same team in different Clash tournamentsClash
Teamwork & StrategyClashScoreboardSummoner’s Rift onlyFinish with more wins than losses in ClashClash
Teamwork & StrategySynchronicitySynchronicityCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Synchronicity groupIn SyncCapstone
Teamwork & StrategySynchronicityPower PairSummoner’s Rift onlyGet wins with a premade in Ranked Solo/DuoPremade
Teamwork & StrategySynchronicityBest Friends ForeverSummoner’s Rift onlyGet wins with the same group of 5 playersPremade
Teamwork & StrategySynchronicityFun with FriendsSummoner’s Rift onlyPlay games with a premade group of any sizePremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyHarmonyCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Harmony groupHarmoniousCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyNowhere to HideSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a global abilityPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyIt Has “Ultimate” in the Name!Summoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with an ultimate with a large Area of EffectPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyWe ProtecSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a heal or shieldPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyThe Just… Don’t… DIE!Summoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a revive, immunity, or zombie abilityPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyWhere’d They Go?Summoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with stealth (camouflage or invisibility count)Premade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyWe’re Good Over HereSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more “poke” championsPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonySummoners on the RiftSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with a summon or petPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyVariety’s OverratedSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games as 5 champions of one class (assassin, mage, marksman, tank, support or fighter)Premade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyGet Over HereSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a displacementPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyIt’s a Trap!Summoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a trapPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyI’m HelpingSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with the ability to create terrainPremade
Teamwork & StrategyHarmonyHold That PoseSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 3 or more champions with 2 or more immobilizing spellsPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterGlobetrotterCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Globetrotter groupRunterranCapstone
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotter5 Under 5′Summoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Bandle CityPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterAll Hands on DeckSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from BilgewaterPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterFOR DEMACIASummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from DemaciaPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterIce, Ice, BabySummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from the FrejlordPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterEverybody was Wuju FightingSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from IoniaPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterElemental, My Dear WatsonSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from IxtalPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterStrength Above AllSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from NoxusPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterCalculatedSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from PiltoverPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterSpooky Scary SkeletonsSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from the Shadow IslesPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterThe Sun Disc Never SetsSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from ShurimaPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterPeak PerformanceSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from TargonPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotter(Inhuman Screeching Sounds)Summoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from the VoidPremade
Teamwork & StrategyGlobetrotterChemtech ComradesSummoner’s Rift onlyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from ZaunPremade
ImaginationImaginationARAM AuthorityCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the ARAM Warrior, ARAM Finesse, ARAM Champion, and ARAM Protector groupsARAM GodCapstone
ImaginationImaginationCleverness and CreativityCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Style, Innovation, and Tactician groupsGalaxy BrainCapstone
ImaginationARAM WarriorARAM WarriorCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the ARAM Warrior groupUnstoppableCapstone
ImaginationARAM WarriorDPS ThreatARAM onlyDeal more than 1800 Damage Per minute in ARAM gamesARAM
ImaginationARAM WarriorFarm Champs Not MinionsARAM onlyGet Takedowns in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM WarriorNo HidingARAM onlyKill enemies near one of their own turrets in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM WarriorBad MedicineARAM onlyKill opponents who recently received a health pack in ARAMAngel of MercyARAM
ImaginationARAM WarriorDouble DecimationARAM onlyGet two Pentakills in a single ARAM gameARAM
ImaginationARAM WarriorARAM EradicationARAM onlyGet Pentakills in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM WarriorSolo CarryARAM onlyDeal 40% or more of your team’s damage to champions in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM FinesseARAM FinesseCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the ARAM Finesse groupSwiftCapstone
ImaginationARAM FinesseAnother Day, Another BullseyeARAM onlyHit skillshots (ranged untargeted abilities) on champions in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM FinesseFree MoneyARAM onlyKill minions in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM FinesseFree Ticket to BaseARAM onlySuccessfully Execute to the outer tower before 10 minutes in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM FinessePop Goes the PoroARAM onlyCause a Poro to explode in ARAMPoroyaltyARAM
ImaginationARAM FinesseSnow DayARAM onlyHit snowballs on champions in ARAMAvalancheARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionARAM ChampionCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the ARAM Champion groupAbyssalARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionCan’t Touch ThisARAM onlyWin ARAM games without being killed by an enemy champion (you can still be executed)UntouchableARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionAll Random All FlawlessARAM onlyEarn S grades or higher in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionActive ParticipantARAM onlyHave over 90% Kill Participation in ARAM gamesARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionNA-RAMARAM onlyWin ARAM gamesARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionAll Random All ChampionsARAM onlyEarn an S- grade or higher on different champions in ARAMARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionRapid DemolitionARAM onlyTake the first turret in ARAM before five minutes have passedARAM
ImaginationARAM ChampionLightning RoundARAM onlyWin ARAM games before 10 minutes have passedARAM
ImaginationInnovationInnovationCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Innovation groupInnovativeCapstone
ImaginationInnovationNot Even CloseSummoner’s Rift onlySurvive champion combat on single digit healthSurvivorTanking
ImaginationInnovationA Drake and a Hard PlaceSummoner’s Rift onlyKill opponents with help from an Epic monster. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald and Baron Nashor.Takedowns
ImaginationInnovationAlcove GamingSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown an enemy champion in the alcoveAlcove GamerTakedowns
ImaginationInnovationPlant TacticsSummoner’s Rift onlyKnock yourself and an enemy champion in different directions after hitting a blast coneJungle
ImaginationInnovationAggressive PositioningSummoner’s Rift onlyGet multikills after flashing towards an enemy championFlashyTakedowns
ImaginationInnovationWave GoodbyeSummoner’s Rift onlyKill 20 minions within three secondsLaning
ImaginationInnovationDouble AceSummoner’s Rift onlyHave both teams be aced in the same fightAceTakedowns
ImaginationTacticianTacticianCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Tactician groupTacticalCapstone
ImaginationTacticianTarget SelectionSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown junglers near a damaged Epic Monster before it is killed. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.Takedowns
ImaginationTacticianDragon’s FurySummoner’s Rift onlyGet multikills with the Elder Dragon BuffTakedowns
ImaginationTacticianNashor SlasherSummoner’s Rift onlyKill Baron Nashor soloJungle
ImaginationTacticianThe DisrespectSummoner’s Rift onlyDo at least 2000 damage to and destroy the enemy nexus with at least one enemy champion nearbyWins
ImaginationMachine-Hunting MercenaryMachine-Hunting MercenaryCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Machine-Hunting Mercenary groupBot BlasterCapstone
ImaginationMachine-Hunting MercenaryMalfunctionSummoner’s Rift onlyWin Co-Op vs AI gamesAI
ImaginationMachine-Hunting MercenaryProtean OverrideSummoner’s Rift onlyWin a Co-Op vs AI game with different championsAI
ImaginationMachine-Hunting MercenaryRobo RecallSummoner’s Rift onlyGet kills in Co-Op vs AI gamesAI
VeterancyVeterancyMedal of HonorCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Executioner, Commando, Resourceful, and Mystic groupsVeteranCapstone
VeterancyVeterancySageCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Guru, Virtuoso, and Ace groupsSageCapstone
VeterancyGuruGuruCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Guru groupGuruCapstone
VeterancyGuruWise MasterEarn total Mastery PointsMastery
VeterancyGuruOne-TrickEarn Mastery Points on a single championMastery
VeterancyGuruMaster YourselfEarn Mastery 5 on different championsMastery
VeterancyGuruJack of All ChampsSummoner’s Rift onlyWin a game with different championsWins
VeterancyGuruCatch ’em AllHave 150 champions with at least a certain number of Mastery PointsChamp MasterMastery
VeterancyGuruMaster the EnemyEarn Mastery 7 on different championsDeep DiverMastery
VeterancyVirtuosoVirtuosoCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Virtuoso groupPeerlessCapstone
VeterancyVirtuosoMaster AssassinEarn Mastery 7 on different assassinsDuelmasterMastery
VeterancyVirtuosoMaster FighterEarn Mastery 7 on different fightersWarlordMastery
VeterancyVirtuosoMaster MageEarn Mastery 7 on different magesArchmageMastery
VeterancyVirtuosoMaster MarksmanEarn Mastery 7 on different marksmanDeadeyeMastery
VeterancyVirtuosoMaster SupportEarn Mastery 7 on different supportsWardenMastery
VeterancyVirtuosoMaster TankEarn Mastery 7 on different tanksJuggernautMastery
VeterancyAceAceCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Ace groupJust BetterCapstone
VeterancyAceMid DiffSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games as MidMid DiffRoles
VeterancyAceSupport DiffSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games as SupportSupport DiffRoles
VeterancyAceTop DiffSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games as TopTop DiffRoles
VeterancyAceJungle DiffSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games as JungleJungle DiffRoles
VeterancyAceBot DiffSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games as BotBot DiffRoles
VeterancyExecutionerExecutionerCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Executioner groupExecutionerCapstone
VeterancyExecutionerAbove-Average AssistanceSummoner’s Rift onlyGet AssistsTakedowns
VeterancyExecutionerMaster of the RiftSummoner’s Rift onlyPlay games on Summoner’s Rift. Blind Pick, Draft, and Ranked Modes count.Ranking
VeterancyExecutionerMovin’ On UpSummoner’s Rift onlyWin games of Ranked Solo/Duo or Ranked FlexWins
VeterancyExecutionerKilling Spree SpreeSummoner’s Rift onlyGet killing sprees (3 or more kills without dying)Takedowns
VeterancyExecutionerHard Day’s Killin’Summoner’s Rift onlyGet KillsTakedowns
VeterancyExecutionerBloodcrazedSummoner’s Rift onlyGet First BloodsBloodthirstyTakedowns
VeterancyExecutionerMultikill MadnessSummoner’s Rift onlyGet MultikillsTakedowns
VeterancyExecutionerPENTAKIIIIIIIIL!!Summoner’s Rift onlyGet PentakillsTakedowns
VeterancyCommandoCommandoCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Commando groupCommandoCapstone
VeterancyCommandoTurret TopplerSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown turretsLaning
VeterancyCommandoLizard HuntingSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown DragonsJungle
VeterancyCommandoWurm FishingSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown BaronsJungle
VeterancyCommandoGive ’em Shell, ShellySummoner’s Rift onlyTake turrets with Rift HeraldJungle
VeterancyCommandoDinner’s ReadySummoner’s Rift onlyTake turret platesLaning
VeterancyCommandoScuttle Along NowSummoner’s Rift onlyKill Scuttle CrabsJungle
VeterancyCommandoDine OutSummoner’s Rift onlyKill jungle monsters in the enemy jungleJungle
VeterancyCommandoDine InSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn CS from jungle monsters in your jungleJungle
VeterancyCommandoClutch StealSummoner’s Rift onlySteal Epic Monsters. Epic Monsters include Dragons, the Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor.ThiefJungle
VeterancyResourcefulResourcefulCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Resourceful groupResourcefulCapstone
VeterancyResourcefulGoodbye to the Darkness!Summoner’s Rift onlyPlace useful Control Wards. Useful wards are any wards placed outside of your base.Vision
VeterancyResourcefulDarkness is EverywhereSummoner’s Rift onlyTakedown wardsVision
VeterancyResourcefulGet Paid, and Get OutSummoner’s Rift onlyEarn goldGold
VeterancyResourcefulNice TrySummoner’s Rift onlyKill players under your own turretTakedowns
VeterancyResourcefulDo These Things Have Souls?Summoner’s Rift onlyKill minionsLaning
VeterancyResourcefulEveryone Pays!Summoner’s Rift onlyClaim bounty gold from shutting down opposing championsBounty HunterTakedowns
VeterancyResourcefulLittle Inanimate SpiesSummoner’s Rift onlyPlace useful Stealth Wards. Useful wards are any wards placed outside of your base.Vision
VeterancyResourcefulMulti-Weapon MasterSummoner’s Rift onlyWin with each of different mythic itemsMythicItems
VeterancyMysticMysticCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Mystic groupEnchantedCapstone
VeterancyMysticField MedicSummoner’s Rift onlyDo effective healing or shielding on your allies (self healing/shield doesn’t count). Effective healing must actually restore health, and effective shielding must actually block damage.ProtectorSupport
VeterancyMysticAbility AbuseSummoner’s Rift onlyUse AbilitiesAbilities
VeterancyMysticImmediate ImmobilizationSummoner’s Rift onlyImmobilize enemy championsAbilities
CollectionExperienceExperienceCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Experience groupCapstone
CollectionExperienceMile MarkerEarn milestones on any EternalEternals
CollectionExperienceOld FriendsAchieve milestones on Eternals for a single championEternals
CollectionExperienceMany Miles to GoRekindle an EternalEternals
CollectionExperienceWell-Rounded TravellerAchieve milestone 15 or greater on an EternalEternals
CollectionExperienceRekindle the Old FurnaceRekindle Eternal setsEternals
CollectionExperienceAssassin SpecialistRekindle an Eternals set for assassinsEternals
CollectionExperienceFighter SpecialistRekindle an Eternals set for fightersEternals
CollectionExperienceMage SpecialistRekindle an Eternals set for magesEternals
CollectionExperienceMarksman SpecialistRekindle an Eternals set for marksmenEternals
CollectionExperienceSupport SpecialistRekindle an Eternals set for supportsEternals
CollectionExperienceTank SpecialistRekindle an Eternals set for tanksEternals
CollectionOverachieverOverachieverCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Overachiever groupOverachieverCapstone
CollectionOverachieverChallenges are ForeverReach Diamond tier on challengesCapstone
CollectionOverachieverNo Capstone UnturnedReach Gold tier on CapstonesCapstone
CollectionOverachieverMasterful PerformanceReach Master tier on challengesCapstone
CollectionOverachieverRecusiveComplete collection challenges by reaching the highest non-leaderboard levelCapstone
CollectionOverachieverEntitledEarn titles for different challengesTitularCapstone
CollectionTreasureTreasureCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Treasure groupTreasurerCapstone
CollectionTreasureEmotiveObtain emotesCosmetic
CollectionTreasureIcon of the RiftObtain Summoner iconsIconicCosmetic
CollectionTreasureWard Skin CollectorObtain ward skinsCosmetic
CollectionTreasureMascot MayhemObtain Clash team logosCosmetic
CollectionChampionChampionCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Champion groupCollectorCapstone
CollectionChampionSpice of LifeObtain championsCollection
CollectionChampionInspiringObtain support championsCollection
CollectionChampionInvulnerableObtain tank championsCollection
CollectionChampionIndomitableObtain fighter championsCollection
CollectionChampionIncandescentObtain mage championsCollection
CollectionChampionIngeniousObtain marksman championsCollection
CollectionChampionInvisibleObtain assassin champonsCollection
CollectionConnoisseurConnoisseurCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the Connoisseur groupConnoisseurCapstone
CollectionConnoisseurFashion ForwardObtain champion skinsCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurThat DripCollect any skins for a single championCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurFancy GarbCollect epic champion skinsCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurLegendary WardrobeCollect legendary champion skinsCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurVintage LookCollect legacy champion skinsCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurFormal AttireCollect mythic champion skinsCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurHaute CoutureCollect ultimate champion skinsCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurFashionistaCollect chromasFashionistaCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurNeed a Bigger ClosetCollect 5 or more skins for a championCosmetic
CollectionConnoisseurVictorious RegaliaCollect victorious champion skinsElegantCosmetic
LegacyLegacyBeen here a WhileIncrease your summoner levelLevelling
LegacyLegacyFirst to the TopSummoner’s Rift onlyReach region first Challenger in Ranked Solo/Duo n a seasonRanked
LegacyLegacyBest of the BestSummoner’s Rift onlyFinish a season at Rank 1 for Solo/DuoRanked
Legacy2022 Seasonal2022 SeasonalCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the 2022 Seasonal groupChallenjour ’22Capstone

League of Legends 2022 Seasonal Challenges

One more additional group is the seasonal challenges, which look to be a subset of existing challenges that are featured each year. These challenges have their own capstone that will grant a special seasonal player title upon completion. They can be found in the “Legacy” group in the League of Legends UI.


Featured 2022 Seasonal challenges are:

  • All Random All Champions
  • All-Seeing
  • Clash Champion
  • Clutch Steal
  • Crab Wrangler
  • Killing Spree Spree
  • Lane Command
  • One Stone
  • Pain Prescriber
  • Power Pair
  • Prodigy
  • Rapid Demolition
  • Solo Bolo
  • Soul Sweep
  • Top Performer
  • Unkillable Demon King

And the capstone:

LoL CategoryLoL GroupChallenge TitleTypeDescriptionPlayer TitleQuick Category
Legacy2022 Seasonal2022 SeasonalCapstoneEarn points from challenges in the 2022 Seasonal groupChallenjour ’22Capstone