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Candy Cabal

20160424_candycabal1 Candy Cabal (a web app game)

  • Role: Programmer
  • Platforms: Web
  • Timeframe: 3 weeks
  • Summary: Designed and developed an incremental web app game where players can log in, collect and steal candy, buy upgrades and unlock features. Used Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and deployed on Heroku. This project includes both back-end and front-end development and features a login system, user profiles, timeout counters and a dynamic leaderboard.

GSN Games Casino

20160424_HotP1 GSN Casino (various games)

  • Role:¬†Platform Engineering/Production Intern
  • Platforms: Facebook
  • Timeframe: 3 months
  • Summary: Created JSON config files and implemented math models from designers. Worked with platform team for Facebook Canvas to design and implement back-end systems for slots games in Java. Also provided support to production team through working in JIRA and holding standups. Games included: Video Bingo (July to October 2015 editions), Heart of the Phoenix Slots, Robyn of Nottingham Slots, Wheel of Fortune Slots and Rock ‘N’ Reel Slots. Here are links to GSN Casino on Facebook and GSN Games if you want to check them out!

Unity prototypes

20160424_hopscotch220160424_Always3_1 Fast Fingers Hopscotch

  • Role: Programmer
  • Platform: PC, MaKey MaKey
  • Timeframe: 48 hours
  • Summary: A hopscotch variation prototyped on Unity in C# and using a MaKey MaKey mat where two players race to change the most squares to their colour. A future iteration displayed letters that indicated keys on a single keyboard that both players had to press, creating a frantic multiplayer experience.


Always 3

  • Role: Programmer
  • Platform: Android tablet
  • Timeframe: 48 hours
  • Summary: Developed for Global Game Jam 2016, this game about organising things is a take on the theme of “ritual” where the player plays as a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Here’s the link to our GGJ page!
  • Teammates: Jonathan Ahnert, Will Hagen, Akshay Ramesh, Julian Toker and Eric vonFischer

Chip’s Challenge Level Editor

20160424_chip1 Chip’s Challenge Level Editor

  • Role: Programmer
  • Platforms: Google Sheets -> JSON -> Tile World
  • Timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Summary: This nifty level editor scripted in Google Apps Script allows designers to easily create Chip’s Challenge Levels in Google Sheets. The script generates a JSON file with level information that can be run in the Tile World emulator.

Stemcell Technologies

Stemcell Technologies websiteStemcell Technologies main

  • Using CMS, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, worked with designers and product managers on website updates, product pages, product launches
  • Created and updated form pages, promotional pages, videos and technical resources, homepage items and was accountable for overall website content and look
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