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Released Games


  • Role: Producer
  • Platforms: iOS (iPad4)
  • Timeframe: 4 months
  • Summary: A semester-long pitch project where we created a puzzle platformer game to help high school students learn thermodynamics. This game was developed in collaboration with a partner teacher who was present throughout the process to help with design decisions, playtesting, assessment and the lesson plan. Entropy is used in the classroom to drive student engagement, help students voice misconceptions and promote discussion on the topic. Through working with 6 schools and playtesting with more than 130 students in one semester, we gained insights on developing and assessing, for both engagement and effectiveness, transformational games for the classroom.
  • Teammates: Kshitij Kumar, Akshay Ramesh and Julian Toker
Lending Hearts

  • Role: Producer
  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Timeframe: 4 months
  • Summary: A semester-long ETC project to create a game encouraging companionship and creativity for Lending Hearts, a non-profit organisation supporting kids with cancer. Our final product was a space-themed universe with customisable personal planets, a constellations mini-game, a home star community hub, community goals and gifting. Released for tablets and phones on iOS and Android.
  • Teammates: Muhammad Hilman Beyri, Ruchi Dangwal, See Shuen Leong, Han Liu and Wei Xie

Building Virtual Worlds

At Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, we work in teams of 5 to rapidly prototype worlds on new platforms in 1-3 week cycles.

An Ant’s Life

  • Role: Producer, Sound designer, Prop construction
  • Platforms: Oculus Rift and PS Move
  • Timeframe: 3 weeks
  • Summary: A storytelling world from the point of view of an ant bringing food back to the ant hill in the rain. The guest uses the PS Move to control the ant’s leaf raft, a physical prop reflected in the Oculus Rift virtual world. Challenges were making the guest feel small using sound effects and graphics. This world was showcased at the Carnegie Mellon University Fall 2014 BVW Festival.
  • Teammates: Kyungik Lee, Jingyu Liu, Eric Tsai and Arim Yoon
  • Awards and Honours: Published in CHI PLAY 2015 Proceedings; Presented at Pittsburgh Maker Faire 2015; CREATE 2015 Finalist; Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2015 Semifinalist

Personal Projects

TheWallScreenshot3 The Wall (a Wayward game)

  • Role: Producer, Writer
  • Platforms: Web, PC, Mac
  • Timeframe: 2 weeks
  • Summary: A stealth game based on the political climate of Cold War Germany, in which guests bring defectors across the Berlin Wall using historically accurate methods. The game aims to educate guests about the structural evolution of the Wall and means of defection through over 50 historical facts and biographical portraits. This game was submitted to Games for Change.
  • Teammates: Wenyu Jiang, Akshay Ramesh and Julian Toker
NEIF_screencap Not Everything is Flammable (a game by DAM)

  • Role: Artist (Contributor) & Project Shadow
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Summary: I was fortunate and very excited to get to create some pixel art assets for this amazing game by DAM where the player, as a flame, burns items for fun and profit. It was a lot of fun and they’ve made a great game.  (If you see the Mona Lisa, that’s mine!)
  • Game created by: David Shiyang Liu, Alex Yue Hu and Mac Lotze

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