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Building Virtual Worlds | Game Jams

Building Virtual Worlds

Holey Ship!

  • Role: Producer, Sound designer, Prop construction
  • Platform: MaKey MaKey
  • Timeframe: 1 week
  • Summary: Stranded in a sinking ship, the guest must plug holes in the physical 6 foot tall prop boat and avoid obstacles based on the virtual game to make it to land in time.
  • Teammates: Adam Liss, Nigel Randall, Feiran Wang and Sichao Zhu

Game Jams

20150503_asabovesobelow1 As Above, So Below

  • Role: Producer, Artist
  • Platforms: Web
  • Timeframe: 3 days
  • Summary: Game to provide insight on the topic “microscopic particles create macroscopic behaviour” through focusing on the thermodynamic concept of temperature and player decision making across microscopic and macroscopic views. Worked with subject matter experts to develop an experience that would change the player. Created for the Now I Get It! Jam 2015 for transformational experiences.
  • Teammates: Akshay Ramesh, Julian Toker, Michael Garing (teacher, Commonwealth Connections Academy) and Eric Keylor (independent, also ETC alum)
Obstacle Illusion

  • Role: Producer, Artist
  • Platforms: Web
  • Timeframe: 2 days
  • Summary: Cooperative 2-player psychedelic, circular endless runner. Players switch roles and spiral downwards into a black hole. Created for the Global Game Jam 2015.
  • Teammates: Akshay Ramesh and Julian Toker

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