pi day postmortem

Events / Monday, March 16th, 2015

Given this year’s ultimate pi day (3.14.15), Julian and I wanted to do something special for the ETCers, as the GSA representatives.  We decided to buy a pie for each project team and deliver them today to welcome everyone back from spring break and wish them good luck on halves presentations this week.  Here is my short postmortem from pi day.

What went well:

  1. Asking at a Giant Eagle whether there were the $4.99 pies even though none were on display.  Surprise, surprise, they had some freshly baked ones in the back.  We wouldn’t have known about the $4.99 pies had we not visited a previous Giant Eagle and picked up thirteen of them, however.
  2. People always love free food, and our pies were received well among the project teams.  This was a good idea for a GSA “event” and I’m seriously considering doing more events in the future that simply involve buying and delivering food, as it cuts down the whole trying to get people to come to the event part (which is the hardest part of event planning).

What didn’t go well:

  1. Some Giant Eagles don’t have bakeries.  I only learned this when we visited our second Giant Eagle and there were no pies in sight. We could have saved a lot of time if we’d just called a single supermarket to make sure there were pies, and enough of them, so we didn’t have to drive around to different branches.
  2. I was certain there were sixteen project teams and we didn’t double check.  It wasn’t until we were back at the ETC and writing out labels that we realised there were actually eighteen project teams.  This meant we had to take an extra trip to a fourth Giant Eagle just to get two more pies.  Double checking the simplest of assumptions is a good precaution that can save a bunch of time.

I was surprised that no one really gave a second glance at us clearing out the entire pie section in the supermarket, but all in all, a good event because of its simplicity and food value.  Happy pi day!

20150316_PiDay_01 20150316_PiDay_02 20150316_PiDay_03